Aussie Parking

Project Overview

Aussie Parking’s aging platform had some severe shortcomings. Pricing for peak times couldn't be adjusted beforehand, there was also no way to optimizing parking space allotment. Many adjustments and arrangements were made offline, so there was no official record of proceedings for other employees.


QOR 3, nginx, PostgreSQL, Google Maps API

Our Solution

We have developed an improved workflow together with the client, from reservation by the customer, follow-up calls, customer support to leaving notes for co-workers regarding certain processes and other CRM. Every step is fully integrated into the system. The site supports several payment systems. Frontend and administration backend is also optimized for smartphone, so staff can directly call customers from the dashboard with their smartphone.

Feature Spotlight

Pricing Management
Pricing Management

The system allows easy pricing adjustment for different time periods, for certain weekdays or even specific hours during the day.

Integrated Workflows
Integrated Workflows

The dashboard supports a smooth workflow. At a glance operators can see new reservations, due confirmation calls to customers and expected incoming vehicles for the day. The system is optimized for mobile, so staff can change from PC to smartphone on the fly if necessary.